The start of something new

This is the newest Mars bound rover, Curiosity, this thing has a plutonium nuclear reactor. This is an incredible feat, since the rover will now be able to run all day and all night all year long no matter where it is located. For more facts about this mobile laboratory, click here.
I was able to see this in person, at JPL's (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) Open House event in Pasadena California earlier this year! It was the rover's last public appearance till the launch later this month at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. Among the amazing exhibits, I also go to see the chief engineers and scientists who worked on the project, as well as meet a SR-71 test pilot who took me and a friend of mine to Edwards Airforce Base. There we got to meet the head historian of the base, Peter Merlin who showed us around and took us to a hanger that had two global hawks being worked on and see the lunar module that the astronauts from the appolo missions practiced on

Now you might think that was all cool and dandy but where does this tie in with this blog? Well besides the obvious, that event opened up and opportunity to take some fellow college students down there for the next open house and let them see what I saw and do some networking as well. Now this all is still in the planning stage but it is a strong possibility this will definitely happen. But I guess you are going to have to stay up to date on the blog posts! :D


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