The Calling

Sorry guys for the long interruption!

I have been tremendously busy as well as lazy. When I first posted this picture, it was because I was going to give all of you a snip it of my "Week Of Worship" talk I did @ WWU (Walla Walla University). But now I find that it kind be so adequately used to explain the next step I am taking in my life.

 I had in recent years, pondered the idea of leaving school for a year to go be a student missionary. But I didn't think I was going to do it since as an Engineer you have at least 4 1/2- 5 years of schooling. And I am going for a dual degree, Mechanical Engineer (B.S.E in Science) and a BA in Business. Those are some pretty ambitious dreams that require more school time, so in order to finish some-what close to my class mates I would have to take summer school instead of skipping out and going to another country.
   Although, God has a different plan set up for me. I felt him nudging me to take the year off and experience Him and to give back through this year of service everything that He has so graciously given to me. It was tough, but I finally gave in. Within a few days in January I had all my SM (Student Missionary) paper work finished and filled out. Then in February a group from Peru gave me a "call back" and after a filling out a little more paperwork, was notified that I have been accepted to their program.
  There I will be working as an Ecological worker, building canals, bee farming, working and repairing engines, building houses and much more. I am very excited! Unfortunately, I need to raise a little money for all my expenses. This includes but it is not limited to: Round -trip Plane ticket, insurance, food/lodging, and of course a little travel cash (It would be a shame if I was in Peru and didn't see Machu Picchu right?! ) The total cost for a full school year comes to about :$5,400. This is the top amount that any SM will need. I will be working at different events and my regular job to raise this amount but I need help from friends, family, and sponsors to get this amount. You can click here. This will take you to the donation form, just put in my name: Rory Z. Ross, and then my Id # 1479438. All donations are tax-deductible and after the donation is received you will receive a receipt for your donation.
Please, if everyone of you that reads this blog post donates a few dollars; I will be able to reach this goal in no time! If you are not able to donate financially, you could pray for me and that God will prepare me for this important step in my life. :)

Thank you all so much for your support.



P.S: I will continue to post updates about the fundraising on the blog , along with other updates of how things are going.


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