A trip to paradise

Aloha friends and family! 

 I send you greetings from earth's best representation of paradise, Hawaii.
More specifically, the Hilton Waikoloa Village Hotel located on Kona, the big island of Hawaii.

  Right on the get-go, this trip was far different than any other. When we got off the plane, we were told to take the stair way that lead to the tarmac just like the president. Kona's airport baggage claim was open to the air and the cool breeze was free to go wherever, much different to other airports in the US whose baggage claims are confined inside a stuffy building.
After we got the rental car we took off for the beautiful Hilton Waikoloa Village Hotel located on the southern shoreline of Kona.
  Surrounded by the ocean and tall palm trees waving in the wind, this resort is a wonderful resort for the whole family and has many activities for all ages. One downside is that you have to walk a ways to get to your destination elsewhere on the resort; my aunt renamed the resort  the "Hilton Walk-a-lot Village Hotel."

As we journeyed our way to the Hilton Hotel, we were able to see a bit more of the landscape of Kona. Covered by lava rock, much of Kona is somewhat of a desolate and empty place except for the  few oasis located on the island. Kona has three active volcanoes, and one that continually erupts. Yet even with all the lava rock, locals find creative ways of making it look better. The most popular way is to graffiti it by grabbing white coral from the ocean and making designs of all sorts with it. The dark contrast of the lava rock and that of thee white coral produces memorable images that can be seen by on-lookers traveling in Kona .

I was in Kona for a Bob Harrison Increase event, it was there that I met some amazing people that I hope to stay in contact with. I also received life changing principles that can help bring the increase the Lord has promised to all of us. -Psalm 115:14 NIV
New International Version
May the LORD make you increase, both you and your children.

 This event had attracted many of different people from all over the world, but all of them were innovators and glorified God with their life. Some of the amazing people that were here: Aaron Crisler an amazing photographer and singer; Jason Crabb, a dove award winner and a voice that captivated the audience; John Bevere, a great author whose books have helped others be aware of Satan's bait; Marten Moller, a Scandinavian business man who has a well established coffee company in Norway and Sweden; and many ,many more.

 While I was there at the event I met a really cool young man, Robert Redmond , he is the lead star in the video “Sh*tuff Christian girls say”. A humorous video about the stereotypical Christian lady while she is thinking about boys. The video has over 700,000 hits and is still climbing! I highly recommend that you check out this video and have a good laugh. Also a good thing to note, is all of the money that Robert's group gets from youtube for every click and like on the video, goes to raise funds for missions at their church!
 I also did a few more videos for my vlog while I was at Hawaii, and one in particular is quite humorous. You can check them out by clicking here.

There was a Klemmer & Associates reunion, that I was able to take part in and meet other individuals whose lives had been radically changed by their program. This was also a time of remembrance of the late creator of K & A, Brian Klemmer, who passed away a year ago. Many shared some of their most personal memories of Brian and of what his company's program did to change their lives and make a come through. Tears were shed, but in the end only smiles remained and thankfulness. Brian's son, David, was there recording all of the memories people shared and told us that he will get more from others and then compile them all. It will be amazing to hear more of the stories of lives touched. You can check out more about this wonderful organization by clicking here

Recently, I had been thinking about making a journey to Antarctica but it was not till the conference that I decided I should make this final. I am officially announcing that I will be going to Antarctica this December. This will be my 6th continent, making it so I only have one more to go to : Australia, till I have succeeded in my dream of travelling all of the continents.  Accompanying me (hopefully) will be my Great Grandma who is 94 years old and my great aunt, this is the last continent both of them have till they have completed their dream of traveling to all of their continents. I am also going to try and visit the scientific village they have there and who knows maybe interview the scientists for my blog as well as my own personal use.
I plan to visit Austrailia sometime during next year, and visit my friends the Paterson's and some of the Aussies I went to Teen Camp back in 2008 & 2009. So definitely stay tuned and up-to-date on this blog to see the progress. At this rate I will have visited all the continents before I have turned 23! :D
 Now I must add, that I am also planning on flying to Canada and visiting the Brown family as well as my old friend Michael Anderson who I also meet at Teen Camp. Eventually I will visit Mexico, but I am unsure of when. Hopefully, I will be able to do this by next year sometime.

I had planed to go para-sailing but instead I went with my aunt to go visit her friends who own a Coffee Plantation, Skip and Rita Cowell. These two are wondeful people, who I really enjoyed to visit with. Their house is located 2,000 feet up the mountain near Captain Cook, surrounded with coffee trees and a wonderful view of the ocean. Skip and Rita keep busy with the farm, and are constantly on the move. Skip, loves to do woodworking in his free-time; he was making a meat tray out of helio wood while I was there, it was truly a wonderful piece of art. He is also involved with a project that I believe will change the way we get our energy. You can read more about his project by clicking here.

Overall Hawaii and the conference was an amazing experience, even though I was not able to do any adrenaline related activities; para-sailing, zip-lining over the falls, flying over an active volcano, etc.. But I was able to make some amazing contacts, as well as make some great friends. I received many free gifts and other big and small trinkets, but none of this compares to the friendships that I made on this trip.

I hope all of you had a great and safe spring break!

See you all soon. :)


To see all of the pictures taken on the trip, click here!


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