Changing Lanes

First off, guys and gals

 I would like to apologize for the lateness in posting up new blog posts. I have been busy but at the same time I have a lot of free-time. So I will be going back to the every Tuesday blog posts and perhaps in between there will be smaller ones for you as well :D Another thing that has been taking my time, is doing youtube vids! I have been posting those quite regularly. You can check them out by clicking here! :D

Now to the main topic of this blog post:

     That is, I have switched from Engineering to Business and have traded my dreams of being an aerospace engineer for being an entrepreneur. Now, I know this is a shock but all of you must realize there was much thought behind this decision. I was already a double major, Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration, all I did is that I focused instead on the one where I saw I would be the happiest with. With Engineering, I was finding myself discontent with how little I was able to use my gift of being able to communicate and spend time with people. I would find myself spending all my time on homework and not having much of a drive to do what I was doing. But with business, I can use my people skills and my ability to influence others to succeed in that arena. Already, I have experience in this area and have mentors who will help me strengthen my gifts.  Don't worry guys, I still have passion for engineering related things. But I will now be managing it behind the scenes. Who knows, the connections I make during this process may lead me to go to outer-space and see the ISS?! :D

The second big thing that has happened, is that I have started my own business in a way. That is I am a part of a growing corporation called: Vemma a nutritional supplement company, based out of Arizona. Recently, they have been hitting the college market with a drink they have called verve. This is an energy drink that is extremely healthy and has only 80mg of caffine, much less than most energy drinks. You can go here for more information: The company itself has good credentials, such as being the official energy drink of the Phoenix Suns and the Charlotte Bobcats NBA Teams, and numerous doctors along with plenty of medical studies accompanied to support their data. The cool aspect about the company is that I can get this started now and have my team growing by supporting/encouraging them and helping them accomplish their goals, and still be in college and get another income coming in. Here is how the business side of it works: We are growing at a steady rate, and one of the top earners, Brad Alkazin 25 years old (who is earning a monthly income of $60,000), is coming to my school this Sunday and I will be able to sit down with him on Monday for a leaders lunch! :) I should also let you all know that I will not be going down to Arizona as was planned but will be staying in the Auburn area till Aug 6th when I go down to Peru for my year as a Student Missionary! :D Till then I will be in Auburn and other places growing my team and recruiting new people as well as training new leaders. This is an amazing opportunity for me and others, and for me if i receive nothing else out of this (which I am sure won't be the case), I will be getting a lot of valuable experience not only as an entrepreneur but as well as a team leader.  I will keep you all posted to let you know how things are going. :)

Last but not least, it is now less than a month before I turn 21! This is a crazy time in my life because now I'm basically a complete adult and the only thing that changes as I get older, is my insurance prices goes down. Besides that, I will continue have, cell degeneration and my hair will turn gray (haha). On a side note, I will not be living a "normal" life. I am going to make extraordinary, making sure I am fully taking advantage of what each day and event has to offer. Not looking forward to anything but instead enjoying the "now". It will make for some great memories I am sure :D

 Other than that guys and gals, that pretty much sums it up!

I have a question for you the readers of this blog though. What is it that you wanted to be when you grew up and what goals are you wanting to accomplish this year?

Till next time




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