Make it Count

The video made by Casey Neistat, has an amazing story told about a man who is going to make the one life he's got; count for something. 

 This video, and other things have reshaped my philosophy of life to this: I do not want to be 40,50, or 60 years old and looking back seeing that I am 
living at the same place I 've been for the last 40  years, none of my dreams are fulfilled, I have no legacy left for others to know who or what I did,
I made no difference in someone's life, and most importantly I didn't take everything God had in store for me and go to my full potential of what He created. 

 This leads me to the main pt. of this blog post. As the famous Gandhi once said "Action Expresses Priorities", I am making steps each day to do the dreams and goals I have had but have been afraid to act on. 

 Starting with my birthday, I am planning on going with a good friend and father figure, Ron Smith, to the Olympic Peninsula for some good bonding time. It will be a great time to take some good pictures of the wildlife the NW has to offer as well.
 Then in late June, I plan to head out to the great down under, Australia! There I will be meeting with some friends of mine that I haven't seen for years. We have talked about visiting and seeing each other for years, but now it is finally going to happen. I am still trying to figure out the best way to get cheap plane tickets and transportation down there. So if you know anyone who could hook me up or help me out, just send me a private message or comment!

 I will be in Australia for at least two weeks, then head back to America to chill with friends and build my business. The plan after that is very flexible, but I will try and head out to Canada to see my friends there before I head off to Peru for my year as a Student Missionary. 

 Now it's easy to think that with all these plans and great goals I have that I would or could get stuck on looking forward instead of being here in the present. But that is not my intention whatsoever. There are some many things, great things that the present offers that if we look forward too much; we miss the great opportunities right in front of us. 

 I will be sure to keep you all posted on what is going on and what is happening on a weekly basis. I am a little behind chronologically but I will catch up soon enough. 

As an end thought: What are your dreams and what new and exciting things are you doing?!




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