Gone With the Wind!

This last weekend, I spent three days in the windy city of Ephrata, Wa. It is a small town located about an hour from Moses Lake. It has a very antique look and lots of tiny shops for vistors to wander around. One of the cool shops we found, was "Dog Eared Books". A bookstore that offers a wide variety of new and old books that have been brought in to let others appreciate the timeless classics, and enjoy a good read. Another great thing about the store, is that people can trade in their books and get credit which in turn can use that on their next purchase inside the store. I bought several books at the store, including memoirs of the Greats: Billy Graham, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs. I also bought some motivational books: Flyboys, and my favorites, October Sky and Rocket Boys by Homer Hickam.

While we were there, the annual Sage-N-Sun festival was in full swing. Full of floats and cars from the early 40's, the parade brought people together despite the bad weather and windy conditions. The festival has been going strong for 102 years and doesn't look like it will be stopping anytime soon.

Before I knew it, my stay at this homely town was coming to an end. But not before I was able to enjoy another spectacular view of the Gorge and surrounding area. Although, I did miss the dry falls, of which I will be sure to visit next time I am around. You can read more about the falls here.

As we were heading back to Auburn, we stopped at an amazing view point where I took the following pictures:

Next week I am heading off for the Olympic Pennisula with my good friend and father figure, Ron Smith. I will post pictures and blog after we get back! :)

Be sure to comment and subscribe for new events. I will just tell you for now, that there are exciting things in the works as we speak!


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