If you guys haven't figured this out yet, I really like this picture. I think it shows off my personality quite well. Intense, yet a quirky and funny side to it. It also shows a sense of adventure, whether it be in the woods of the Northwest, the Bible Lands, or in this case a trip to Australia! :D

I know you are probably wondering what in the world I am talking about. Well for the past six years I have been talking about going to go see my friends that I meet back at Klemmer Teen Camp. Wishing and waiting, hoping that perhaps one day it would happen. Now here it is, a chance to make it happen. To see my lovely friends in their homeland of "down under". To finally make one of my dreams and life goals come true. Along with the visit of my friends, I will also be able to mark down another Continent that have visited; narrowing down my list to two more yet to visit. Those are South America and Antarctica. For those who haven't been up-to-date, I will be in South America in August as a student missionary serving in Peru till May of next year. Then in December during my break, Daniel Biesenthal, myself, and perhaps my 96 year old Great Grandma, will be going down to Antarctica to finish off our list of Continents to visit. Meaning, I will have accomplished visiting all 7 Continents before I was 22!

But I should get back to the topic at hand, Australia. The itinerary at this moment, is leaving for Australia on June 28 and will be there till July 15. For the first few weeks, I will be visiting my friends and promoting my business over there so I can get a tax write off on my traveling expenses. Then on July 6th-July 10th, I will be trying to attend the Imagine Cup as a press agent. I am currently in correspondence with Popular Science, Microsoft, and other magazine agencies to see if I can write and do interviews of the attendees and contestants of the event; in return I would get a press badge and some reimbursement on my traveling expenses. That in itself is an amazing opportunity and would open many doors as well as of building my networks.

Now, the next logical question on your minds is how in the world is Rory going to pay (aprox. $2,500) for this?! Well that is a good question, but you don't have to worry. I have put in a decisive plan into action and I am on my way to fundraising the money. The plan consists of three particular elements.

  1. I am doing a large garage sale. I am selling all of my calculators, tablet, chairs, clothes and much, much more. I have already sold some things, but still have much more. More than likely I will be only get about $400-500.
  2. I am considering of doing some modeling to cover some of the cost. Nothing is official nor has been accepted yet, but I think I may have a chance.
  3. As I said before:  while I am in Sydney, there will be a tech conference going on. I am in correspondence now with Popular Science, Microsoft, and other magazine corporations to see if they would be willing to reimburse part of my traveling expenses in return that I would blog and do interviews of attendees and contests of the event.
  4. Finally, I am asking all my friends, family, business partners and the like, that instead of getting me gifts  for my 21st Birthday (June 11) to do a donation to my trip. For this I have made a chipin account that utilizes Paypal's widgets and platform to transmit money to my bank account safely and easily. You can use the widget down below to do a donation, it's quick and easy. :)

As usual I will keep you guys updated through this blog. I will let you know once I have reached the amount and more of the traveling itinerary as it gets closer. If you are in Australia, let me know! I love meeting new people and expanding my network. When I am there, I will blog and post pictures for all of you and of course for my personal use as well.
As you can see great opportunities are upon us, and I for one am taking hold of them! One of my favorite quotes is from Ghandi: "Action expresses priorities".

What are steps and actions are you doing today to make your dreams come true?

Write and leave comments of your goals, what dreams you have and would like to achieve. Also if you would like to meet sometime or are in Australia would like to meet, comment down below or email: rory.z.ross@gmail.com



  1. I have always wanted to go to Australia and Antarctica! Please post plenty of pictures and videos of your trips!

    1. I will definitely be posting plenty of pictures and videos. Stay up-to-date by visiting this blog often!

  2. Thank you to whoever donated the $20! :D

  3. My dear friend and godmother, just donated $300 but it doesn't show up on the chipin widget. This makes the total: $350! :D Thank you to all who have donated :)


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