"The Goddess of Harvest" is bringing a solution to world hunger

World hunger is one the greatest problems we have faced and continues to plague us. A team from Bangladesh believes they know hold a viable solution to this immense problem, through implementation of Windows Phone and Azure that enables farmers to know the amount and type of fertilizer needed for optimal production and the soil composition of the particular area.

The problem is that in India and other places around the world, farmers are sometimes unaware that there are certain conditions and other criteria that need to be meet to give them the best yields which in turn means more food for the world. These include the amounts of fertilizer laid down on each field depending on the seed and the soil type of the particular area.

Team Engine's solution is their software design program labeled, Annapurna that means the "Goddess of Harvest". Their solution uses the Windows Phone and Azure and other components that maps out agro-ecological zones using soil, seed, and fertilizer data, as well as information specific to that location; such as pest severity and plant diseases (provides cures as well). This will provide the farmer with the essential data and guidelines that will tell them exact steps they need to take, starting from seed plantation up to the harvest.

Engine's innovative solution is already being used by 200 farms in Bangladesh, and is partnered with the International Rice Research Institute. This provides them with the opportunity of getting their project to market faster as well as furthering their reach to help others in the world through NGO's. Keep a watch for their project to change the world in the very near future!



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