Microsoft Press Conference

Microsoft hosted their Imagine Cup Press Conference today at the magnificent Quay restaurant located on Darling Harbour. It was a delightful snacks that kept the taste buds asking for more.

At the conference Walid Abu-Hadba, VP of Microsoft dev evangelism restated Microsoft's desire of helping students use their imagination  to create solutions to some of the world's greatest problems. "That is what the Imagine Cup is all about" Walid said. He then gave details to how and what Microsoft is doing to make this a reality.
The first of this is Microsoft's DreamSparks program, where students can sign up and after student verification, have access to Microsoft's top programs where they can use pre-existing platforms to create their idea. This includes but not limited to: Platforms to Windows Phone, Kinect, Xbox; as well as SQL Server 2012, Visual Studio, and much more. New additions are being added all the time, so students need to check often for the newest software. All this software is free and is used for the students to develop their project and share it with the world.

Microsoft has also made it easier for students to get their products out into the market and be successful through BizSpark. BizSpark's program allows students to use all of Microsoft's top software development tool as well as connecting them with key industry players and investors, providing them with marketing visibility. The program includes Microsoft's most flexible, comprehensive, and powerful cloud platform, Windows Azure, used to create web applications and services. In addition, BizSpark offers technical support, business training and a network of over 2,000 partners to connect members with incubators, investors, advisors, government agencies and hosters. The very thing needed for an entrepreneur in the software industry to get their product out in the market. Since BizSpark's creation in 2008, more than 50,000 companies in over 100 countries have joined the program.

Pip Marlow, Managing Director of Microsoft Australia, shared facts about Australia and it's history of innovation to us. We learned that Australians were the inventors of the refrigerator, spray on skin, and the bionic ear. She also noted that the Aussie team is quite an exceptional team and told us to keep on eye on them. But then noted that all the teams here have something to offer and we shall be surprised by their projects. Already seeing some of the projects, I am quite sure this is true.
Kick off for the event starts at 5pm Aussie time and will be live for any who wish to see the opening celebration:

Keep checking for new updates, will be interviewing a team from Dubai later on today.


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