Reminiscing of a trip to Australia

Where to start? There were so many good times and amazing experiences on this trip, that it is hard to break it down within a short paragraph or even four pages of notes. But I will do my best at highlighting some key moments of this particular adventure, and if you have any questions or would like to write about your own adventure; go right ahead in the comment bar down below.

I flew out of LAX on Sunday June 24th at 11 pm. Now I have done some traveling in the past. Going to places such as; Turkey, Greece, South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, and more but I have never done any international traveling by myself. This was a whole new experience, since most of the time there was an itinerary that we followed as a group. For me, I did a lot of plan as you go. It did provide a bit of adventure but it also caused some mishaps and unneeded expenditures that could have been avoided with careful planning.

One of the many mistakes I did, was thinking that Australian outlets are exactly the same as USA's. My thinking, was "there not that different from the US in culture and others aspects, so this too would have to be the same.. Right??" Well, I was wrong not just on the outlet either but also Australia's culture is a bit a different as well. For instance, at every big event, people always recognize the Aboriginal tribes and ancestors, past and present,  that owned the land before it was taken. This is something huge that sets them apart from America, where we just pay the Native Americans for the land and give them reservations; but do not pay tribute and honor them in the way Australian's do; which I admire greatly. Back to the story on hand,. After realizing that I had made the mistake of the outlets, I had to go buy an outlet for $10 all the meanwhile I had a voltage/outlet adapter at home that I could have brought had I thought carefully and planned the trip more.

Thankfully, I was able to get a ride from the Brisbane airport from a friend I went to Klemmer Teen Camp with six years ago. We went to a restaurant and meet another friend, and just reminisced about things that have happened since we attended the camp. Afterwards, my friend took me to my host's house that I found through For those of you who don't know what couchsurfing is, let me explain. The basic premise behind it, is that you get a more cultural experience that just staying at a hostel and traveling with other tourists. What couchsurfing does, is it brings a "surfer" or traveler to some one's (the host) home in the area they are traveling. The host provides them with a place to sleep, meals, and usually give them tour of the area. This allows the "surfer" a deeper and enriched cultural experience, and the chance to make a friend from another country. The service is free, and is a great program that has had a lot of success. I used it not only in Brisbane but also in Sydney, where all of the hostels are expensive and cost of living is through the roof.

During my stay in Brisbane, I was able to see and do a lot of cool things. One of which, was to go to the famous Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and cuddle a Koala. It was a quite an unforgettable experience to be able to hold one of these adorable creatures. While I was there, I was also able to see the near extinct platypus. I had initially thought, that the platypus was a humongous creature not the 12 inch platypus that I saw in the Aquarium there at the sanctuary.  On the same token, I had always thought that Tasmanian devils are ferocious critters day in and day out. But instead I found them sleeping and passed out, unaware of what is going on in their surroundings. I actually tried to wake one of them up, but no matter what I did he would not budge. The Sanctuary had a lot of animals displayed in  their semi- natural habitat. They had joeys (baby kangaroos), koalas, birds of all sorts, bats, orange opossum, and other really cool critters. Unfortunately, due to my lack of planning, I had less than two hours to visit and see everything the sanctuary I had to offer before I took off for Sydney on a 2 day road trip. Of which will be discussed in the next blog post.



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