Repharmers, rethinking the way to recycle medications.

Countries around the world have low income families that are in need of medications that help them with their particular disease or ailment. Now, students from Turkey have created a way to provide medication to low income families through the implementation of Microsoft's Azure and Mobile platforms.

The problem is there is an inadequate way to handle expired medications as well as  unused medications that could be used and given to low income families. "Repharmers" a Turkish team at Imagine Cup project will change the way countries handle unused and expired medicine through the use of Windows  Azure and it's mobile platform.

The team's project: Repharm, uses a recycling platform powered by cloud technology that communicates with other medical collection centers to see what medications are available in their surplus and enables previous patients to contact the center to recycle their unused meds.  This makes it easier to distribute necessary medications to low income families. In addition, Repharm's platform allows centers to disperse medication to victims of natural disasters through the use of it's cloud technology.

This application will make it easier to recycle medications and help with disposing expired meds that would otherwise be thrown out, causing chemical pollution and affect the ecosystem.The students are looking to partner with the Health Authority of Turkey and then to further expand in the US as well as other countries that can and would benefit through the use of Repharm.

 Keep a watch for their project to change the world in the very near future!



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