Road-trip with a stranger

I am one for adventure, and always up to meeting new people. So it shouldn't surprise you guys, that I went on a two day road trip with someone who I had never meet. I just put a request on Australia's craigslist, gumtree, and said I was in need of a ride to Sydney. Within a few days, I had the trip scheduled and ready to go. We had two choices: One, we could go straight to Sydney non-stop and get there by late that night. Or, we could take the scenic route, stopping at Byron Bay and Coff's Harbor to spend the night; arriving in Sydney the following mid-afternoon. I decided the scenic route and boy I  am glad I did.

The picture on the right, is from the famous Byron Bay. It is known as one of the most famous surfing beaches in the world. Byron Bay was named by Captain Cook, when he landed there in 1770 looking for a safe anchorage. It was named after John Byron who was a British Fleet Officer. Known also for its wildlife, Byron Bay provides a great place for whale watching during September and October. This is when the mother whales return from their migration and bring their new babies, sometimes stopping in the Bay for some whale R&R and to teach the young ones 'breaching' and 'slapping'.

The next place on our list to go was Coff's Harbor. This was only a stopping point to catch some R&R before we had to drive another six hours to Sydney. Although, we did still have some adventures there in that short amount of time. It all started as soon as we arrived. We decided to go eat some subs at Subway, since in Australia it is the cheapest way to go besides Macers aka McDonalds. I ordered a ft long blacken chicken sub and my traveling companion ordered a 6'' sub. All was going good, till I looked inside my sandwich and saw an ant on my cucumbers. At this point, I had eaten over a half of the sandwich and was about to eat the rest but then I thought: "hmm, I don't have much money and I would reckon that if I were to ask for a new sandwich ,  I could probably get it . Then I don't have to buy anything for breakfast." So I walked up to the counter, showed them the ant and within minutes had me a brand new ft. long sub. Unfortunately, due to my high metabolism, I eat a lot of food and before I knew it, tomorrow's breakfast had become tonight's "Hobbit's Super".

The next morning, after going to a grocery store and buying another breakfast, I saw a crosswalk. I couldn't help it, but I wanted to see if I could pull of the famous "Beatles'" walk and photograph it before getting hit by a car. It was somewhat of success, though the quality of my camera needs to be improved before I can do spectacular shots such as the "Beatles'" Walk. The second time I tried to do this shot, I just got about ran over. I will put that one at the end of the post.

After a little breakfast, we took off for Sydney. It just so happened, that we were going to be passing by "The Entrance".  A little town, that is know widely for it's daily feeding of the Pelicans that happens precisely at 3:30pm rain or shine. The Pelicans fly from all over for this daily treat. The tradition started by accident when staff from a local fish and chip shop would throw out scraps. It became such a ritual that whenever the staff were late in throwing their scraps out, the pelicans would cross the road and come up to the shop to be fed. Now it has become a huge event, and brings in travelers from all over the world to see the "Pelican Capital of Australia". Unfortunately, we arrived too early to see the Pelican Feed, and since we were on a tough schedule, we had to take off. This is definitely one of the attractions I plan to see next time I visit Australia. 

Here is a video of the Pelican Feed.

After another two hours of driving, we were in Sydney. Thus, begins a new series of adventures that will be discussed in the next post. 


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