Team Ireland combats Multiple Sclerosis through the use of Windows Phone and Azure

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) affects many people in the world, but now a team from Ireland, DocTek, is combating MS through  the implementation of Windows Azure and the Moblie platform.

Unfortunately up to this point there is no cure for MS, but there is a need for ease of information that is essential for the doctor to know how the patient is doing and how the treatment is going. Such as how they are feeling, are their basic tasks enjoyable or painful, have they taken their medication, and to see a progress report of all their activity over an extended amount of time.

Currently the only option for a doctor to collect this data from the patient, is through a journal that the patient has to daily record the information into. This is often an inconvience for the patient because a dairy is obtrusive, a hassel to carry, time consuming, and outdated.

DocTek has created a viable solution to this problem through the use of Windows Phone and Azure. Their software enables the patient to input data about their mood, medication, pain level, and much more that is then sent to the doctor. Once a link has been established through two-way verfication, the doctor will be able to monitor the patients progress overtime and makes it possible to see any trends in the patient. This allows the doctor to make adjustments on the medication and treatement as needed.

The collection of all this valuable information will allow for more complete documentation of MS, and overall, better treatment to be administrated. DocTek already has a business model in place and a unique partnership with MS Ireland, that will provide DocTek's application to those who need it. Right now DocTek's application is only being used is Ireland, but they're currently looking for ways to expand further and help all those who have MS.

The team also has future plans of implementing their application with other companies and wants to cover more diseases. Making it easier for the health community to see trends and do more research on diseases that plague our world.

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